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Mon House

Single-family house


Östersund, Sweden

A house for a two on a plot of land just outside the city of Östersund, owned by the family for generations and formerly occupied by a small weekend retreat. The land is, just like the rest of the city and its surroundings, gently sloping down towards the lake of Storsjön.


Situated between a small patch of pine forest and a field opening up towards the lake, the house create two different landscape rooms with distinct character.


The three main rooms of the house – bedroom, living room and kitchen – are all directed towards a central atrium space. The atrium, despite being open to the outdoors, is clearly defined as a room by the building elements. Large windows towards the atrium create a layered openness, enabling the different activities of daily life to be shared and blended with the ever present reflections of the nature surrounding the house.


The house is built out of pine and spruce in standard common dimensions, but intentionally compiled in a non-conventional matter referencing traditional local architecture as well as introducing themes and elements with inspiration from other sides of the earth.

More photographs to come

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